Nominations Now Open!

What we are looking for? Customer service is more than a smile and hello. We are looking for Individuals and Businesses that go that extra mile i.e. sourcing products that aren’t available in Alice Springs, delivering goods to customers who are confined due to illness, offering service above and beyond the expected.

Best Individual

This is a particular person, nominated by the public, who exceeds all expectations and makes their customers’ experience memorable. This individual will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that they deliver exemplary customer service. Public service employees such as nurses, police, and government workers can be nominated in this category, if you know their names. 

Best Emerging Business (operating less than 3 years)

This award is designed to celebrate exceptional customer service and commend the incredible amount of work that goes into starting and successfully running a new business. It is for any business that delivers exceptional customer service and has been in operation for less than three years.

Best Business

This category was established to celebrate businesses with truly exceptional customer service. Nominations for this category should describe a personal experience with the business, outlining a scenario in which such exemplary service was provided and describing the business’ point of difference: the quality that makes them stand out within the industry.

 Best Aboriginal Small Business (less than 20 employees)

This award is to recognise an Aborginal business with less than 20 employees that exhibits a truly excellent customer experience. Please make sure to illustrate your nomination with with practical examples of their outstanding service.


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