This is a particular person, nominated by the public, who exceeds all expectations and makes their customers’ experience memorable. This individual will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that they deliver exemplary customer service. Public service employees such as nurses, police, and government workers can be nominated in this category.

Young Customer Service Champion

This award is designed to celebrate exceptional customer service and commend the efforts of a young individual beginning their career within the customer service industry. It is for any individual between the ages of 18 and 25, who delivers exceptional customer service despite their relatively limited time working in the industry.


This category was established to celebrate businesses with truly exceptional customer service. Nominations for this category should describe a personal experience with the business, outlining a scenario in which such exemplary service was provided and describing the business’ point of difference: the quality that makes them stand out within the industry.

Non-Government Department

This award is to celebrate the hard work of companies operating within the private sector and the dedication to the customer service industry that is required in order to succeed as a company within this area. If you wish to formally acknowledge this work and have personally experienced exemplary customer service from a non-government department, nominate today.

Government Department

This award is to commend the collective work of all the individuals within a singular government department. Nominations may be based upon personal experiences and interactions with the department, the positive outcomes of a department project, or any other example of exemplary customer service that has been delivered by the department.

Please note:

  • Nominations close 30th Sept.
  • Nominations must be from clients/customers of the business or individual.
  • Family members, other employees, managers/business owners at the same business are not eligible to nominate.
  • Nominators must provide at least one contact to allow for validation.
  • Please ensure you select a category; if choosing the individual category, please ensure both the business and individual’s names are completed.

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